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The woman works in front of her laptop in the room near the window.
Remote and hybrid work

Want to change channels? Here's a helpful little guide to remote work

Digital nomads are the way of the future, so what is remote work and hybrid work exactly and how can you adapt to it? Read the article to find our tips and tricks for remote work.

Woman sitting opposit the interlocutor.
Professional development and learning

Employee Performance Review Tips

While performance reviews have received a lot of criticism in recent years, they are still integral to the success of an organization. Performance reviews can increase productivity, strengthen relationships, identify skills gaps, and identify promotion opportunities if done appropriately.

Group of people talk to each other while work together and smiling.
Sense of community

How to Network: Easy Networking Tips You Can Use Today

How do you encourage networking within your company? In this article, you can find our networking tips and recommendations for improving networking opportunities within your business.

A woman works on her laptop and makes some notes.
Employee strengths and weaknesses

How to Develop Employee Strengths

How do you find your employee strength, and what’s the best advice on how to develop employee strengths? Continue reading to find the answers.

Heands tuch each other as a simbol of group unity
Leadership and management

Types of Organizational Structures

Your company's structure impacts your company's leadership hierarchy, the flow of information, and how well employees communicate internally.

A woman sits at her desk in front of her computer and work on some problem.
HR strategy

HR’s biggest challenge in 2022

While many changes at the workplace aim to improve workplace efficiency and employee welfare, the responsibility falls on HR departments to effect these changes.

A man sit in fornt of his laptop and fill lost.
Psychological safety

How to manage employee burnout: a guide for business managers

As an HR manager, employer or business owner, it is important you pay tight attention to your employee’s state of mind and physical strength.

group of people work together on the progect and smiling.
Leadership and management

15 Tips to Motivate Your Employees – Help Your Employees Grow

Not just one or two, but almost every employee may face lower levels of motivation or a “no-work-day” phase.

A hand carefully stacks blocks reading: acceptance, tolerance, identity, equity, belonging, inclusion and diversity on top of one another.
Diversity, equity and inclusion

Why Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace is important

Nowadays businesses understand that a diverse and inclusive workforce is not only the right thing to do, it's also good for business.

A hand carefully holds four happy people demonstrating the care needed to retain employees.
Employee strengths and weaknesses

Retention strategies for keeping your best talent

Employee retention has become an increasing concern for companies globally over the last decade. Companies are beginning to see how important it is to retain staff, and understanding the high costs if they don't.

A woman sits at her desk with a blissful smile on her face while gently touching her fingers to her thumbs.
Work-life blending

Work-life balance is a cycle, not an achievement

Balancing work cycles is more challenging now than before because of remote and hybrid work patterns.

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