We're on a mission to build thriving, organizations
We want to inspire and to be inspired by the process of transforming businesses.
We enable organizations to create agile, people-centric
environments for their talent to flourish and succeed in.
The battle for talent is strong. An attractive employer needs more than a pay-check and the possibility of  remote work opportunities. Employee satisfaction and retention depends heavily on key elements including their perceived sense of belonging and work-life blending.

Our Story

Like many others in the spring of 2020, we found ourselves physically disconnected from the co-workers, offices, and processes that we had known so well. It was during this time that we began to ask, what is it that sets the most agile and adaptable organizations apart, and how are they able to leverage these strengths to continue to retain and attract top talent?
We started by talking with business leaders, and experts in consulting, coaching, and human performance psychology. Over and over, we heard several common factors in key areas, including, technology, processes and especially organizational culture.
We also discovered that there wasn’t a single organization that was taking a holistic approach to tackle the full scope of NWoW challenges. As a team of passionate experts, we knew we had found an opportunity to make a difference and to help guide the business transformation.


Holger Angrick

Holger has worked in Sales and HR for more than 20 years. As former Global Head of People Processes for one of the world's largest retail companies, he has gained significant experience in work force retention, performance and talent management, digitalisation and transformation. He is passionate about building and fostering individual careers and has helped many to pursue their personal goals. In the world of Food Discount the constant drive for operational excellence has taught Holger many lessons on organisational development and proper governance structures.

Holger Angrick, NWOW CEO
Boris Mariacher
Boris Mariacher, NWOW Co-Founder
Josephina Leiminger
Head of NWOW Products & Services

Josephina combines experiences from working in both large corporations and in the start-up world. For years she has focused on the development of individual and specific strategies in the field of personnel and organizational development. For her, New Work is not a romantic construct, but a living practice. Our environment has changed and so new frameworks, settings, tools and often a cultural change are needed to keep up with the others.

Josephina Leiminger, Head of NWOW's Coaching Ecosystem
Recep Özay
Chief Product Officer

Recep has over 20 years' experience developing digital products. His professional track record spans across banking, payment, trading and marketing. He has been heavily involved in company formation, building & running, as well as visionary product development. Recep is an expert in start-up incubation.

Recep Özay, NWOW Chief Product Officer
Mark O’Meagher
Chief Technology Officer
Mark O'Meagher, NWOW Chief Technology Officer
Nick Riegger

Nick has  worked in various C-level roles as a founding partner in innovation & digital transformation: FinTech, consulting, TV, media & more, for over 20 years. He is an expert in kicking off ventures from 0 to 1M users, starting from start-up, through scale-up to IPO and a €200M exit.

Nick Riegger, NWOW Co-Founder
Jens Stahmann

Jens is a finance expert with over 20 years’ experience in top management and C-level functions including roles as CFO and COO for small to medium sized international companies.

He has broad expertise in Corporate Finance, M&A and Funding for industries such as banking, media, ecological consumer goods production and retail. He’s built finance teams, managed scale-up and growth situations.

Jens believes in the power of change and enjoys being part of growth. He’s committed to creating solutions that focus on user value and positive environmental impact.

Jens Stahmann, NWOW Chief Financial Officer
Sarah Hofmann
Head of Technical Product & CX

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Our Ecosystem
Our international team works flexibly depending on the unique needs of their role and individual lifestyles. We come from ten different countries and speak more than a dozen languages.

We believe our greatest strengths come from our diverse set of backgrounds.
remote and hybrid team
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countries we come from
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Our Values

People First
People First
We enable tangible, data-driven transformation that puts people first

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I join the NWOW team?

We're currently hiring for a number of positions across coaching, sales, marketing and more. To see our list of open positions check out our jobs on LinkedIn.

How can I become an NWOW Coach?

We're looking for talented, passionate coaches to join our team. You can view our current openings and apply to become a coach here.

How can my business collaborate with NWOW?

To be considered for collaboration, please contact us via email at connect@nwow.com and provide your organization's name and contact details as well as information about how you're hoping to collaborate. Once submitted and reviewed, we will contact you directly.

How can I get in contact with you?

Email us at connect@nwow.com and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. If you're looking for a more immediate response please contact us through our social channels.