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We’re looking for change addicts and transformation enthusiasts who are passionate about helping clients thrive in the new ways of working.

Transforming work

As a consultant with NWOW you’ll have the opportunity to do pioneering work and be part of a growing and highly dedicated team of subject matter experts.
You’ll work together to facilitate connection and turn your ideas into strategies that work for your clients. Along the way you’ll develop creative, customized solutions to fit your client’s unique needs.

Professional growth mastery

Connect, engage, and exchange knowledge with experts in consulting and coaching through peer-to-peer mentoring, training, and events.

Diverse client portfolio

Our portfolio of business clients comes from a diverse set of industries each with unique challenges in adapting to the new ways of working.


As leaders in the new ways of working, we believe in the importance of finding ways to successfully blend work and life.

That's why the consultants we work with have the freedom to decide which projects they would like to take, and when and where they'll work.
Come create change with us!
Have what it takes to co-create personal and organizational change with us?

We are always looking for talented consultants to join our elite network.
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NWOW Connect

Modern teams require modern, easy-to-use, digital solutions. Our smart application connects your talent with our team of global specialists to promote personal and professional development.

Ongoing KPI measurement and evaluation
NWOW combines expertise in consulting, coaching, training and mentoring with a data driven approach to analysis. By consistently measuring performance we’re able to  give your team the information they need to easily adapt and adopt strategy based on facts.
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Talent &
Create innovative concepts for national and international clients on topics such as DE&I, Talent and Leadership Development, and more.
Analyse, establish and manage the administrative setup of the entire employee lifecycle to contribute to your client organisation's culture.
Play a key role in developing strategies to attract and retain top talent by developing and executing employer branding and acting as corporate culture ambassador.
Analyze and develop strategies and opportunities as a key business unit partner.  Actively shape the culture and future of the business by finding great talent.