NWOW Remote Health Check
Remote Working has become a very important topic and brings with it many requirements and challenges.
Do you have the right setup in your company?
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NWOW Remote Work Health Check
Remote working arrangements bring new requirements and challenges. Is your company set up for success?
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What is the Remote Work Health Check?
The NWOW Remote Work Health Check is an honest, anonymous survey of your employees and managers.
The results will demonstrate your organisation’s readiness to tackle the unique challenges of remote and hybrid working arrangements.

The survey looks at key areas of your set-up and can help to identify strengths and weaknesses so that you can prioritise your support for your team.
Your benefits
Understand where your organisation stands regarding remote working.
Compare management and employee responses to identify gaps.
See crucial insights on what your team needs to perform at their best.
Get quantifiable results to help prioritise your initiatives and solutions.
Recommendations to drive engagement and performance no matter where your team works.
How it works
Take our Remote Work Health Check
Your team will be invited to complete our short, 15-minute assessment which gathers comprehensive insights across key topics.

We test managers and employees separately, generating a gap analysis based on their answers.
Quantifiable results
Gathering real insights on what employees and leaders need to be able to perform in a remote or hybrid working set-up.

Our Remote Work Health Check will identify:
•  Hybrid and remote working readiness

•  Your remote working environment

•  Strengths & weaknesses

•  How to approach and work on weaknesses

•  How to leverage and maximise existing resources

•  Specific remote working needs
Results review with an HR transformation expert
See where you can maximise the potential of your workforce. Use our resources and assessment to better target the success of your business with the help of one of our HR transformation consultants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't find the answer to your question on our list? Email us at connect@nwow.com and our team will get back to you in 24-48 hours or through our Talk to us page.

How much time does it take each person to complete the Remote Work Health Check?

We estimate that people need around 10-20 minutes to answer all questions. It is also possible to have a break within and to finish the survey later.

From First Call to Presentation of Results and Recommendations - How much time does it take to go through the whole process?

It depends on you and your team. If you are really fast we can do the whole process within two weeks.

How long is the discovery call?

Before we invite you and your colleagues to do a NWOW Remote Work Health Check, we will have a brief video call with you as initiator. The call will take around 15 to 30 minutes.

Who and how many people can be surveyed?

Our smallest package is for 3-10 participants and we don't limit the amount of participants.In our discovery call you define how many people should be surveyed and we will send you a personalized offer ​afterwards.

What information is collected?

In general we provide you two links which you can send to the participants. In the survey we don't ask for names.If you are a larger organization we will ask for departments (e.g. HR, Accounting, Product, Engineering) or locations to provide a more specific evaluation.The questions will be about six key topic areas.