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We’re looking for change addicts and transformation enthusiasts who are passionate about helping clients thrive in the new ways of working.

Transforming work

As a consultant with NWOW you’ll have the opportunity to do pioneering work and be part of a growing and highly dedicated team of subject matter experts.
You’ll work together to facilitate connection and turn your ideas into strategies that work for your clients. Along the way you’ll develop creative, customized solutions to fit your client’s unique needs.

Coaching community

Life-long learning and professional growth opportunities coupled with the chance to connect and engage with like-minded coaches.The perfect balance between autonomy and community.


Our portfolio of business clients comes from a diverse set of industries each with unique challenges in adapting to the new ways of working.


We believe in the importance of flexibility and finding a way to successfully blend work and life.That's why the coaches we work with have the freedom to work self-selected schedules from anywhere in the world.
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Modern teams require modern, easy-to-use, digital solutions. Our smart application connects your talent with our team of global specialists to promote personal and professional development.

Ongoing KPI measurement and evaluation
NWOW combines expertise in consulting, coaching, training and mentoring with a data driven approach to analysis. By consistently measuring performance we’re able to  give your team the information they need to easily adapt and adopt strategy based on facts.
Three mobile phone screens demonstrate appointment and one-on-one call capabilities.
1:1 Coaching in areas such as, time management, communication, and collaboration, that guide employees towards reaching peak performance.
Facilitate connection and build skills among co-workers while in the supportive environment of their peers.
Modern leadership requires a balance of hard- and soft-skills to thrive in the diverse and complex New Ways of Working.
Coaching that supports the personal and individual needs of employees as they navigate their lives outside of work.