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We’re building the world’s largest, diversified network of coaching, consulting, and human resources experts. Together we're on a mission to build thriving, sustainable, and people-centric organizations fueled by empowered people doing their best work.

Coaching community

Life-long learning and professional growth opportunities coupled with the chance to connect and engage with like-minded coaches.

The perfect balance between autonomy and community.

Client portfolio

Our portfolio of business clients may come from a diverse set of industries, but they have one thing in common: a desire to transform their teams and businesses through coaching.

Flexible coaching

We believe in the importance of flexibility and finding a way to successfully blend work and life.

That's why the coaches we work with have the freedom to work self-selected schedules from anywhere in the world.

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Be part of something big. We’re building the world’s largest diversified network of certified and specialized coaches.

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Coaching Focus


1:1 Coaching in areas such as, time management, communication, and collaboration, that guide employees towards reaching peak performance.


Facilitate connection and build skills among co-workers while in the supportive environment of their peers.


Modern leadership requires a balance of hard- and soft-skills to thrive in the diverse and complex New Ways of Working.


Coaching that supports the personal and individual needs of employees as they navigate their lives outside of work.

Supported by Technology

NWOW Connect

We’ve built a platform to support you as a coach while you work to transform performance and growth for people, teams, and organizations.

NWOW Connect makes remote coaching easier by facilitating session bookings, coach and client matching, and offering video chat without the need to leave the application.

Our intuitive calendar management allows you to easily add availability and block off time for vacation, breaks, session prep.

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Have what it takes to join our mission and co-create personal and organizational change? We are looking for talented coaches to join our elite network.

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